Built Abroad

Travel overseas. Don't take anything back with you.



Built Abroad came about through repeated frustration, expenses, and wasted time resulting from foreign products.

We have tear downs and examinations of the faults in poorly manufactured goods. When we have the chance, we would like to compare to the reputable and correct alternatives.

While for the most part the United States, Germany, and Japan have made wonderful products, there are a number of countries whose competition is incredibly cheap. But also incredibly mediocre.

I decided to create this site after having continual dialogue with my friend Ron at Schoffer Brothers, a motorcycle shop in San Antonio, Texas. He told me story after story about Chinese knockoffs being terrible quality. Not just in the "It's made in China, it must be bad" sense, but objectively, finding their faults. While these products may be half the price of reputable components, they may end up being considerably more expensive.

Piston rings being out of spec, resulting in a seized engine. Regulators and rectifiers being bad right out of the box -- even with an internal rattle. Chinese scooters with bad welds all around, crossthreaded screws, and absolutely no wiring diagrams or schematics.

You may think that you can't afford Japanese products. If that's true, you certainly can't afford Chinese.

Obviously, not all Chinese products are bad. But, this site will always bias towards quality and against Chinese products. There is a reason people wince when they see a "Made in China" or "Made in PRC" sticker. I hope that in time, their focus turns from quantity to quality.

If you feel offended, just stop reading and spend your time elsewhere. Or Make China Great Again!

Built Abroad made by Teran McKinney.